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Vocational Services

Employment can be an important step to help our clients establish long-term stability in their lifestyles. We utilize the evidence-based Individual Placement & Support Model of supported employment for our clients who identify a vocational goal. We provide services to employers and individuals to support employment for our clients.

TBI Network Vocational Services Program 

  • We provide pre-employment supports to clients as needed (e.g. medical, legal, behavioral) in preparation for job placement
  • We provide employers with incentives for job placement as needed (e.g. background checks, bonding, drug testing)
  • We help businesses hire and support a diverse workforce that will include individuals who have sustained a traumatic brain injury.
  • We assist the employer in making an appropriate job/person match. We carefully prescreen applicants which can save employers the time and money involved in advertising and application review.
  • We conduct a job analysis in order to assist with accommodations, when necessary. Businesses that learn to accommodate workers with disabilities are able to better accommodate all employees for improved job performance.
  • We assist, as necessary, with training of the new employee. A funded on-the-job training may be possible.
  • We assist in determining the employer’s eligibility for a Work Opportunity Tax Credit. This elective federal income tax credit can be applied to the wages private employers pay to target groups of employees.
  • We provide on-site training and consultation to the employer and co-workers regarding disability issues.
  • We provide ongoing support to the employer and employee.
  • We serve as a liaison to other cooperating agencies.